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simx.core.core_ext module

Extensions to simx.core.core

simx.core.core_ext.add_service(serv_name, serv_profile={}, serv_data=())

Creates a core service data object for the service defined by the arguments. Calls core.prepare_services on service data object. Returns the internal core name for serv_name

Keyword arguments:

serv_name – Name of service serv_profile – A dictionary that defines the profile for serv_name serv_data – Custom data for an insantation of serv_name

simx.core.core_ext.create_entity(ent_name, ent_class, ent_profile={}, ent_data=())

Creates a core entity with id = ent_name and type ent_class. First creates an EntityData object and then passes the data object to the create_py_entity function in core.

Keyword arguments:

ent_name – id of entity ent_class – entity class type ent_profile – entity profile, can be None (will be set to

an empty dictionary if None)

ent_data – any custom data to be passed to entity