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simx.os.system module

class simx.os.system.System(name, node, service_input)

Bases: simx.core.core.PyService

Mimics a simple computer operating system. Lives on a Node object.


If process already has an assigned resource, simply switch to it. Otherwise, assigns process to a processor resource, unless the process might have requested to be explicitly assigned to a process in which case assign to that resource (since program knows best); else assign to a global queue

create_process(process_class, *args, **kwargs)

creates a process of process_class with given arguments

create_process_on_resource(req_resource, process_class, *args, **kwargs)

Creates a process class with given arguments and requests a specific resource


Call’s process’s end() method and frees up resource allocated to process


Frees resource that was allocated to the processor; schedules new process from resource queue or main process queue

schedule_process(process, delay=1)

Schedules a process by calling proc_schedule function of process manager

waitfor_process(p1, p2)

p1 waits for p2 to finish